Do these 3 things with your run shoes to have healthy feet forever

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Most runners know the importance of shoes to run. If you don't know how important they are, try running really fast or long in non-running shoes, and you will quickly find out.

But have you ever stopped to wonder the role that feet and in particular, what role shoes play in the quest to perform better as you age?

Find out how critical feet and shoes really are and more in this episode of - DLake Deliberates.

Timestamps of what useful things you'll learn

[01:23] What this won’t be about

[01:46] What this will be about

[05:16] The story of the marathon

[06:47] Feelings do and will always matter over everything

[07:12] Why feet and shoe choice are so important as you age.

[09:47] The importance of feet and running.

[10:18] Heel Drop Explained

[14:47] Using the right shoes for the right job - Mike Trees

[15:59] The Great Orthotics Debate

[17:36] Closing Thoughts

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