Three reasons why run commuting is better than bicycle commuting

Which is better - run or bicycle commuting?

What if I told you that your commute, yeah… that same old route you take every day, could be your new secret weapon in your running arsenal? It's time to change up your mentality on what you think you know about getting from point A to point B.

Welcome to the dope world of run commuting, where every step isn't just a path to going somewhere else, but a leap towards a healthier, more badass version of yourself.

By the end of this, you're not just going to see run commuting as a new alternate option; you'll view it as an indispensable part of your day. I’ll dive deep into the hows and whys, cutting through the excuses and misconceptions with a mix of hard truths and unexpected insights.

Say peace to the 'but I can't because...' mindset. We’re going to tackle every barrier, real or imagined, and I'll show you how integrating this simple yet powerful habit can transform not just your fitness, but your entire perspective on daily life.

And as a bonus I’ll do all of this with my great friend and guest co-host Remy B Reel. Stick around for how he’ll try to change my mind by arguing the side of bike commuting and why it’s way better.

Let’s Go!


[00:00:00] - Introduction to Run Commuting

[00:01:42] - Season Two of This or That Begins

[00:02:11] - Run Commute vs. Bike Commute Debate

[00:04:10] - Logistics of Run Commuting

[00:05:02] - Dressing for Run Commuting

[00:06:05] - Argument for Bike Commuting

[00:10:15] - Instagram Poll Results

[00:12:23] - Community Feedback on Commuting

[00:13:17] - The Bigger Picture of Sustainable Commuting

[00:17:34] - Final Thoughts on Traffic and Commuting

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