How to stop overtraining and instead find the sweet spot in your running

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The More is More Paradox of Training and Life. If I told you that less is more, you would probably believe me, right? Unfortunately, most people’s brains think more is more. It just makes sense. The more you work the more returns you get out. The hedonic treadmill in its most purest form.

As a runner or even in your career/school life you work hard you get the results.

From understanding the law of diminishing returns to exploring historical perceptions of effort and reward, we're going on a journey that's part facts, part theories and 100% something you need. 

We'll debunk myths with a fun real-world example, balance the scales of risk versus reward, and argue why, sometimes, less really is best. Expect to learn about focusing on higher output, not just more input, and why this approach might just transform your training, and life, for the better.

Stick around till the end, and I promise you, you'll leave with a fresh perspective on training and life that could change the way you run, work, and live. Let's find that sweet spot together – the one where less effort leads to more gains, and life feels just a bit lighter. 

Let’s Go…

Timestamps of What You'll Learn

- [00:00:21] Law of Diminishing Returns

- [00:00:43] Debunking Myths in Training

- [00:01:05] The Sweet Spot for Daily Running

- [00:02:08] Risks of High-Mileage Running

- [00:02:29] Non-Linear Outcomes in Training

- [00:03:00] Training for a Marathon

- [00:03:42] Risk vs. Reward in Running

- [00:04:35] Optimal Training Frequency

- [00:05:07] The Theory of Diminishing Returns

- [00:06:00] Marginal Gains in Training

- [00:07:03] The Evolution of Productivity

- [00:08:49] Harnessing Energy Efficiently

- [00:09:10] The Journey to Better Training

- [00:13:23] Discussion on Training Load

- [00:14:05] Finding the Optimal Training Amount

- [00:16:15] Why Professional Runners Don't Overtrain

- [00:18:02] The Importance of Smart Training

- [00:19:10] The Best Training is Current Training

- [00:20:10] The Optimal Amount of Stress on the Body

- [00:23:20] The Debate on Less vs. More in Training

- [00:24:26] Conclusion and Thanks

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