What's better: Running by time or by distance? With Remy B Reel (This or That)

Some people run by distance, while others care about how long they’ve been out.

Who’s wrong? Who’s right? What do you do? Does it even matter?

We find the answer to all those questions and more in this special series, "This Or That” featuring Remy B Reel on Trees & DLake.

I teamed up with my content brother from another mother, Remy B Reel, to make this new style of video podcast glory.

Our main goal is to discuss and showcase both sides to a particularly polarizing topic. Hopefully, this lets you see another side or double down on yours, which means you might perform and train just that much better.

The choice is yours because you can get with this… or you can get with that.

Features hot takes and angles from guests; Mike Trees, Chanh Nguyen @chanhlemonlime , Eva Ward @lordwardingtoniii , Danny Jamie, and a whole bunch more!



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