Is your run smartwatch data lying to you?

AI aka Artificial intelligence is here to help us and not hurt us… for the most part 🙂. One place it wants to help us is with that thing on your wrist that you wear to track your running data.

Find out if your run smartwatch insights and data are lying to you and more on this episode.

  • [2:48] What exactly the insights are for each platform/watch
  • [6:12] Why you still need a coach along with your smart watch
  • [7:12] Why Most Smart Watches don't give you an objective to work towards
  • [8:55] Take your smart watch data with a grain of salt
  • [9:53] Recovery Times not optimised for everyone and Daren's sum up
  • [12:50] Is Vo2 a necessary stastic to run fast?
  • [14:11] How do smart watch insights help you run faster?
  • What we love about it and don’t like
  • Comparing Vo2max to Victoria’s Secret bras and measuring male genitals… yes… this one is fun
  • and more!

Notable Quotables
  • "The smartwatches are getting there: but a coach will motivate and limit an athlete better."
  • "The problem with smartwatch insights is that they don't give you any input data. You still need a coach."
  • "If the metrics motivate you great. If they run your life then stop."
  • "You can make yourself very efficient at running and use very little oxygen. Vo2max isn't the only metric."


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