How an ex-pro runner coached me to my fastest 5k

Mentors, advisors, teachers... COACHES.

Whatever you call them, they are necessary and critical to our success in relationships, business, and endurance sport training!

In this episode I have the honor of being coached directly by Mike Trees as he helped me figure out the best training for me to run a 15:59 5k race.

Listen on to find out how a great coach/athlete fit works and how you can train, race and live better on this episode of Trees of DLake.

What You Will Learn
  • What kind of key workouts I should be doing in the lead up to a 5k race
  • How much stress your body can handle depending on your experience
  • How many sessions I should be doing leading up
  • How many weeks out I should doing these
  • If I should stop doing strength work and when
  • And a whole lot more!

Episode Question

During a race should you even or negative split?

Notable Quotables
  • At the beginning of a race you have no lactate so whatever pace you're doing is going to feel easy
  • With your experience and speed, you can cope with 3 hard sessions plus a long run per week
  • You're strength training to build the chasis not to run fast for the last 4-6 weeks don't lift weight if will fatigue you. Just stretch to keep yourself mobile.
  • Quantity gives you the same stress load that a quality workout will, it just takes longer.


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