Everything you need to know about run energy systems

Aerobic, Anerobic... adenosine diphosphate phosphocreatin or ATP-PC.

These are greek and latin words. They are also all different energy systems that we use in endurance sports (and life).

I’ve been in the endurance sport game for 25 years now and it wasn’t until the last few years that I started to get a better understanding of energy systems.

In this episode we’ll explain (in simple metaphors and analogies) exactly what they are, when they are used and how you can use them to train and race your best.

Listen on to find out more on this episode of trees and dlake.

What You Will Learn
  • The importance of aerobic base building
  • What ATP actually is
  • How to utilise anaerobic training to help you at the end of races
  • What energy systems are used when you train at Vo2 max and threshold
  • And a bunch more!

Episode Question

You can only choose one; Would you rather be healthy or fit?


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