Base Aerobic Run Toolkit: Everything you need to know about slowing down to be fast

Want to become an endurance machine? Or are you looking to hit a 5k PB? It’s all about the base, ‘bout the base… base training, that is! You can do all the speedwork in the world, but if you’re not putting it on top of a solid foundation of consistent, aerobic base training, you’re wasting your energy. We’re talking with Mike Trees about how everyone – from beginners to the most committed runners – can up their running game with aerobic base training. And yes, we’re going to hit on anaerobic race training, too, for all you speed nuts.  --- Learn it all on this episode.

We believe people learn wholistically and by different means so this podcast is now available as a Youtube video and written blog post here.

Timestamps of what you'll learn

  • 08:30 What’s base training?
  • 09:44 Doing meaningful training as endurance athletes
  • 15:06 Why you should not discount the aerobic base stage
  • 17:43 Base training and oxygen use
  • 19:38 The benefits of mitochondria and capillary development
  • 23:54 Calculating your maximum heart rate
  • 27:11 The five-zone heartbeat models to train in
  • 29:57 Base training plus strength and conditioning
  • 37:20 Cooldown: Pace or perceived exertion?
  • 39:48 Novice runners mistakes when running
  • 43:49 Doing body checks when running

Links & Learnings

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