Vo2 Max Run Workouts: These Will Make You Stronger or Kill You Trying

This was a wild one I almost didn’t put out. But after editing it and realising there was a lot of great information in here I let it slide.

The reason why I wasn’t feeling it is that I wanted to talk about Vo2max workouts in this. But then I realised halfway through that we should have clearly explained what Vo2 and Vo2max were (they are different btw, and I use them interchangeably)

Do you need to know advanced exercise science to get this? No. But this is a great intro to a bit of the science behind why certain workouts do certain things.

In the future I’ll probably break down each part and go deep and have it as it’s own episode to keep things very simple for everyone but also interesting.

Oh and a random fun fact about Vo2 max - Did you know that a high Vo2 max score correlates with high health, and longevity as you age? Yes, so even more reason to keep doing those intervals and base aerobic runs.

What you’ll learn because I sure as hell learned a lot:

  • 03:18 VO2 Max explained.
  • 03:52 The difference between Vo2max workouts, Vo2max and Vo2
  • 07:39 A great car analogy of aerobic vs anaerobic energy systems - mike has so many
  • 15:01 Fat-burning and VO2 Max.
  • 15:15 Why the aerobic engine is so damn important
  • 22:38 Discipline in VO2 Max training.
  • 26:24 Measuring VO2 with heart rate.
  • 29:33 VO2 max and running performance.
  • 32:19 What to do with all of this
  • 33:59 Time as a valuable resource.
  • And much more



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