#708 What Might Be Missing From Your SEO Analysis with Matt Greenwood & Nabeel Tanveer

In this episode we’re joined by Matt Green and Nabeel Tanveer, both industry experts in the field of SEO analytics. In our chat we cover the impact of continuous algorithm updates and the best tools and methodologies for monitoring and analysing competitors. Listen in for valuable recommendations on honing your analysis skills and keeping up with the latest trends. Whether you're new to SEO or an experienced professional, there's something here for everyone.

In this episode:

07:30 The purpose of reporting is action-oriented.

09:32 Seeking examples for data-driven content strategy.

13:36 Questioning threshold for transitioning from Google Sheets.

18:10 Algorithms pace making insights difficult and needs monitoring.

20:53 Identifying opportunities and tools for business growth.


Resources mentioned in this episode:


Chat GTP https://chat.openai.com/auth/login

Google sheet tips – blog by Ben Collins https://www.benlcollins.com/



More about our guests:

Matt has been working in the SEO industry for 6 years and is a data and process specialist - which also means he’s a Google Sheets nerd. He loves finding tips and tricks to help speed up the work we do every day.


Connect with Matt here:




Nabeel is a full stack Organic growth specialist currently working at Electrolux in Stockholm, Sweden.


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