#707 What Does Content Strategy Really Mean and Are You Doing it Properly? With Araminta Robertson & Fiona Brennan

In this episode we’re joined by industry experts Araminta Robertson & Fiona Brennan to discuss all things content strategy. Together we look at the potential impact of AI in content creation, including ethical concerns and the practical applications of AI tools; share valuable insights into narrative structure and storytelling, plus, the key to getting your subject expert on board for more impactful results.

In this episode:

04:27 Research, writing, and personal qualities in learning.

11:51 Understanding customer emotions for effective content strategy.

15:28 Involving interviewees, preparing questions, showing impact.

20:42 AI's potential and ethical concerns.

27:22 The impact of unconventional inspiration.


Resources mentioned in this episode:


Into The Woods by John Yorke

They Ask You Answer by Marcus Sherridan


More about our guests:

Araminta is the Managing Director at Mint Studios, a content marketing agency that helps fintech companies turn their website blog into a customer acquisition channel. She also co-manages the 1,500+ person Fintech Marketing Slack group, is the host of the Market Like a Fintech podcast and Edinburgh's Fintech Mixers.

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Fiona is a content strategy consultant and founder of Indi Essentials. She supports Brand Managers, Marketing Managers and founders to make the most of their content and specialises in ethical businesses.


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