#705 How to Deliver Results with Online PR with Cheryl Crossley & Sarah-Jayne Taylorson

In this episode we’re joined by Cheryl Crossley, head of digital PR at IDHL Group & Sarah-Jayne Taylorson, Digital PR Consultant at NORTH. Cheryl and Sarah Jane share insights into the evolving landscape of online PR, the importance of integrating digital PR with traditional PR, and the factors contributing to a successful digital PR campaign. They delve into the ideation process and the challenges of pitching to online publications and offer valuable tips on building relationships with journalists. Additionally, they discuss essential tools and resources for PR professionals, such as TikTok and the Grapevine newsletter, and how to stay informed about emerging trends. With valuable perspectives and practical advice, this episode provides a deep dive into the world of online PR and offers valuable insights for marketing professionals.

In this episode:

00:00 Trends in online PR and marketing.

05:57 Successful digital PR should involve more than just backlinks.

13:29 Journalists face intense pressure handling overwhelming PR.

14:47 Encouraging personalized journalist relationships.

19:54 Closing remarks: guests recommended resources.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

TikTok trends


Grapevine newsletter


More about our guests:


Cheryl is Head of Digital PR at WMG, and has worked in the industry for 15 years. She has experience delivering PR strategies for clients in a broad range of sectors. She has previously spoken at brightonSEO, presenting talks on the Value of Brand Mentions and the Rise of No Follow Links.


Connect with Cheryl here:





Sarah-Jayne is a Digital PR Consultant at Newcastle-based agency, NORTH. With over 3 years in-house experience, she is now working agency-side leading on iconic brands such as HelloFresh, Green Chef and Bensons for Beds.


Connect with Sarah-Jane here:

X @sarahjanepr






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