Episode 99: Outlook 2021 Forward Momentum 🚀 - Part 2

This week on Floor 9, co-hosts Adam and Scott are back to discuss the remaining two trends from the Outlook 2021 reports: the Splinternet, and the reinvention of social context online. Of course, we couldn’t pass on the opportunity to talk about the biggest news of the week — the Gamestop stock drama, and how it connects to the two Outlook trends in this episode. Our content manager Richard Yao also chimed in on a whim with his two cents, so please excuse his low-quality audio. We hope you find this episode both topical and insightful. 


  • Read Outlook 2021 in full here on our Medium blog
  • For an easy-to-understand primer on the whole Gamestop situation, read this piece from Vox.
  • Check out the TED talk about the power of online communities that Scott mentioned here.

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