Episode 153: CES 2024 Recap

Welcome back to Floor 9! As always, we’ll kick off the year with a CES episode, in which the Lab team assembles to recap the biggest trends we spotted at CES 2024, including:

  • How the AI hype manifested on the CES show floors, both the good and the bad (1:05)
  • How the translucent TVs wow'ed the crowd and could be interesting for retail (2:56)
  • How interoperability emerged as a major trend for smart home devices (4:25)
  • How digital health solutions continue to be on-demand and home-centric (11:09)
  • How immersive experiences are evolving and supercharging next-gen entertainment (15:17)
  • How some CES exhibitors brought a luxury touch to their products through cutting-edge tech and design (26:10)
  • How the CES showcased the latest trends in play and toy: the rise of educational toys, and AI-enabled play (37:48)
  • How the auto industry is rushing to integrate AI into the dashboard and re-adjust their EV strategies (47:44)
  • And many more!

In addition, we also each named our favorite CES product this year!

To learn more about CES trends, read our written recap here on Medium.

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Correction: at the 22:21 mark, Richard mistakenly said "Roku" when he meant to say "Roxi" when mentioning their new interactive linear broadcast channel.

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