Episode 150: Generative AI & Its Impact on Advertising

Welcome back to Floor 9. This week, we are tackling the hottest innovation territory of the year, generative AI, and its impact on the ad industry with the help of two brilliant UM thought leaders: James Fox, Global Chief Strategy Officer, and Andrew Littlewood, Global Chief Product Officer. Together with the Lab’s managing director Adam Simon, the trio discussed the state of generative AI, especially in terms of where it is in the Gartner hype cycle, the industry leaders in consumer-facing AI, what marketers can do with the new AI tools, and what’s next for generative AI. In addition, the following intriguing questions were also raised and explored:

  • Is generative AI already over the peak of its hype cycle?
  • How quickly will we culturally accept to use private data to train generative AI?
  • Will generative AI cause the ad industry to implode? 
  • How far away are we from achieving human-level general artificial intelligence? 

If you’re curious about generative AI and want to learn about how it impacts the world of advertising and marketing, this episode is a must-listen!

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