Episode 149: Podcasters as Influencers (Ft. Kara Manatt from MAGNA & Edwin Wong from Vox Media)

Welcome back to Floor 9. In this episode, we had the honor of having Kara Manatt, EVP of Intelligence Solutions at MAGNA, and Edwin Wong, SVP, Insights & Innovation at Vox Media, to chat about their recent blockbuster research on the persuasive power of podcasters and podcasting’s growing influence. When asked which media figures’ influence matters most, their study found that 75% of listeners say podcast hosts compared to 15% who say social media influencers.

Kara and Edwin shared which podcasts they love most, then dived into the most revelatory findings from the joint study, “Podcasts: A New Era of Influence” (starting at 11:07). Some highlights of their discussion include:

  • Why podcasters are now more influential than other types of influencers
  • Why IPG choose to partner with Vox to learn more about podcasts
  • How podcasters can help listeners with mental health and self-actualization 
  • How brands can harness the persuasive power of podcasters and drive results 

You can learn more about this joint research here: https://www.voxmedia.com/2023/5/10/23718269/podcasts-a-new-era-of-influence 

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