Episode 134: Apple Event Recap & Metaverse News

Welcome back to another new episode of Floor 9. This week, co-host Ryan Miller and Adam Simon are back on the mic to share their hot takes on the latest Apple event that took place on Tuesday, including our thoughts on Apple’s content strategy and its MLB content deal, its 5G approach, and its pursuit of faster, better CPU chips with Apple Silicon. In addition, they also talked about some latest news of brands in metaverse and web3, including:

  • American Eagle Debuts on Roblox via Role-playing Game Livetopia [Ad Age]
  • Gucci Plans Virtual World for Gen Z  in The Sandbox [Vogue Business]
  • Rolling Stone Inked Partnership with Meta for A Creator Initiative at Festivals [Variety]
  • Coachella To Sell lifetime Festival Passes as NFTs [The Verge]

As a bonus,, Adam also shares his thoughts on the “flight subscription” plans that Alaska Airlines recently announced.

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