Episode 133: Outlook 2022 Trends, Part 2

Episode 133 — Outlook 2022 Trends: Embracing Entropy, Part 2

Welcome back to Floor 9! In this episode, the Lab’s strategy team will continue to walk you through the remaining two trends in our Outlook 2022 report: The Multiplayer Internet, and The Great Escape. Co-hosts Ryan and Adam will be joined by Richard Yao to chat about things like:

  • what our increased sense of online “presence” can unlock new types of digital experiences
  • What “time-shifted togetherness” means and why brands can leverage that to enrich their offerings
  • the roots behind our increasing need for a mental escape and how brands can help without being tone-deaf
  • the role that various vice economies play in enabling our collective need for escapism and the brand opportunities within

If you missed the first part of this conversation on our Outlook trends, please check out the last episode here.

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