Episode 146: Holiday Special - Innovation Gift Exchange

Come one, come all! ‘Tis the season for our annual holiday episode of Floor 9. This year, we’re closing out the year with a not-so-Secret Santa gift exchange featuring co-hosts Ryan and Adam, along with the entire Strategy team here at the Lab — Chelsea, Katy, and Richard. 

All the gifts given in this episode have ties to one or more of the Innovation Territories that we track throughout the years at the Lab, while also reflecting what we know of each other. So listen now to find out what we gifted each other, and why we think they are representative of the key innovation trends. Maybe our selection of innovation-minded gifts will inspire gifts for your loved ones, or highlight innovation territories to pay attention to!

As always, you can find Adam on Twitter @adamjsimon, and Ryan on LinkedIn. Follow the Lab on Twitter @ipglab and on Medium for our latest insights. 

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