Episode 134: Unboxing DWG's 2024 Research Programme

Discover the box of delights that is this year’s Member Research Programme at DWG! 

Host Nancy Goebel is joined in the Digital Workplace Impact studio by Elizabeth Marsh, DWG’s Director of Research, to talk about the research planned for 2024. 

Elizabeth shares the stories behind how this year’s themes have been selected. DWG’s Research Advisory Board, member input and the 2024 digital workplace predictions have all played their part in helping to pinpoint the hottest digital workplace topics of the day.  

The programme comprises six research projects, which promise to provide new insights along with some practical tools and ideas.

The DWG team aims to search out great best practice on day-to-day topics and to help digital workplace practitioners consider their own response to industry developments. Futuring for digital workplace teams, AI readiness and digital workplace product management are just some of the themes that will come under the spotlight this year.  

So, to get the ‘heads up’ on DWG’s research plans, join Nancy and Elizabeth for an early preview. The new research will complement DWG’s existing library of more than 100 reports. 

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Guest speakers:  

Elizabeth Marsh, Director of Research, DWG 

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