Episode 133: DWG's 2024 predictions for the digital workplace

“DWG is uniquely positioned to talk to lots of practitioners and providers in our circles day to day. The predictions really represent an embodiment of the patterns that we see, and are a way for us to help create a line of sight not only for our members, but also for the industry at large.” - Nancy Goebel, Chief Executive Officer, Digital Workplace Group 

As 2024 gets underway, things are switched up for this latest episode of Digital Workplace Impact. Our usual host, Nancy Goebel, takes the hot seat to be interviewed by DWG’s Director of Knowledge, Shimrit Janes. The session’s focus? DWG’s top 10 predictions for the digital workplace in the year ahead.  

And just what could these megatrends be? If content is king, will data be queen? Will digital workplace impact be assessed using AI-powered insights? Is search dead? And, what’s likely to be ahead for digital workplace leaders? Nancy also reflects on how well the predictions for 2023 performed. 

This lively discussion sets out to spark ambition and debate, and to really help people think about what might come next. And wrapping up this crystal ball of ideas is this year’s super prediction, that in the midst of all the hype surrounding opportunities such as AI, digital workplace practitioners will use the basics as a guide and go back to the future. 

So, if you’re navigating the fast-changing world of the digital workplace, join Nancy and Shimrit to explore fascinating industry insights and uncover more on the possibilities ahead. 

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DWG’s 2024 predictions for the digital workplace 

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