Episode 129: How emotional journeys are shaping digital experiences at Fidelity International

Have you ever considered the emotional journeys your employees take as they navigate the digital workplace, and the impact that these might have? 

In this podcast, host Nancy Goebel is joined by Lucy Selby, Senior Technical Consultant at Fidelity International. As a rising leader and a niche expert in the digital employee experience arena, Lucy explains more about emotional journeys and where they fit into the employee experience within a digital workplace context. 


Is it possible to map, track and measure the success of emotional journeys? And can understanding this data really turbocharge rates of change? The pair discuss how translating emotional journeys can help optimize digital workplace experiences, and how, by doing so, this approach can benefit employees and organizations at large.  

In a world that would otherwise be driven by opinion, listen now for fresh insight on the emerging area of emotional journeys, data and metrics.   

(Show notes, links and transcript for this episode.) 

Lucy Selby, Senior Technical Consultant at Fidelity International 

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