Episode 131: Digital transformation 'The Amazon Way'

John Rossman, a thought leader on digital and innovation strategies, and author of the best-selling book The Amazon Way, joins host Nancy Goebel for the latest episode of Digital Workplace Impact. 

Known for his deep insights into Amazon's unique leadership principles and tactics, John has translated these into actionable steps to help businesses accelerate their own digital transformations. 

In this fascinating conversation, the pair delve into digital transformation the Amazon way. They explore how Amazon's leadership principles, customer obsession and innovative culture have contributed to the company’s huge success. 

Looking forwards, Nancy and John also take a look at generative AI as the next big disruptor for digital transformation; at how this could impact the employee experience, the nature of work and the possibilities of creating the best possible AI-infused versions of businesses. 

Lessons for leaders, revealing principles and the benefits of being an active sceptic all come under review. So, for an insightful conversation with John Rossman, take a listen and dive into the Amazon way of digital transformation today. 


Guest speaker: John Rossman, author and Founder of Rossman Partners 

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