Episode 132: Digital Workplace Impact's 2023 highlights reel

In this year’s first episode of Digital Workplace Impact, host Nancy Goebel takes a look at the top podcasts from the 2023 series and offers you a résumé of those that proved most popular with listeners. 

As a baker’s half dozen, this collection is a highlights reel of delights. Each podcast presents the opportunity to learn more not only about recent industry insights and developments, but also about key players and change-makers. 

Topics covered last year were wide and varied: from DWG's own predictions for the industry to living examples of digital transformation; from a people-first approach to AI through to impact stories from DWG’s awards programme, leading research, and more. 

All had common threads – lively conversation, thought-provoking ideas and insightful questioning – along with helpful advice for digital workplace leaders and practitioners everywhere. 

So, to get closer to ideas and developments that helped to shape the digital workplace last year, take a listen to Nancy’s ‘baker’s half dozen’ collection of the top Digital Workplace Impact podcasts from 2023. 

(Show notes, links and transcript for this episode.) 

Episode 114: DWG’s 2023 predictions for the digital workplace 

Episode 117: Domino’s delivers a culture and communications rockstar 

Episode 122: Unlocking the power of generative AI, like ChatGPT, in the workplace 

Episode 116: Back to the future with enterprise social 

Episode 119: Prioritizing digital accessibility to create workplaces that thrive 

Episode 128: A Microsoft MVP’s blueprint for Copilot readiness 

Episode 126: The importance of building Unilever’s culture in a hybrid world 

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