Brand Activism, Mis- and Dis-information and Political Advertising in the US

In the wake of the US mid-terms, the recent shock decisions on Roe vs. Wade from the Supreme Court and the ever-present spectre of politically motivated violence after the attack on the Capitol on January 6th 2021, this episode we discussed what role Brands (and advertising more broadly) have to play in public discourse on social and political issues. We explored what's next for brand activism, and examining political advertising in the US. Ete was joined by some distinguished guests to discuss this substantial and significant topic:

• Ambika Pai - Chief Strategy Officer at Mekanism a US based creative agency

• Claire Atkin - Brand Safety Advocate and Co-Founder of Check My Ads Institute - the adtech industry's first and only watchdog

• Doug Gordon - Co-Founder of Upshift Strategies, as strategic communications, also based in the US

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Host: Ete Davies

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