Tackling Human Rights issues and controversies at the FIFA World Cup 2022

The Qatar World Cup is upon us. It's the first to be hosted in a Middle Eastern country, the first to take place in winter and the first global sporting event in world football since the pandemic. But regardless of the many firsts that there are to be acknowledged, it's fair to say this World Cup has been amongst the most controversial in recent times. There are many questions around how Qatar was awarded the World Cup, to migrant worker deaths, to wider Human Rights issues and Controversies within the Qatari regime, and in particular, its stance on LGBTQ+ communities. In this episode, we'll explore the topic of brand sponsorship and activism with regards to controversial events, hosts, or nations in the sporting arena. We'll also discuss what responsibility advertisers, brands, social media platforms – all connected with sporting events – have towards representation, inclusivity, and equality in sport, particularly when it comes to sport related and brand sponsorship marketing, advertising, and PR.


Ete is joined by some distinguished guests to discuss this substantial and significant topic:

- Amar Singh, Head of Content and Communications for MKTG Sports + Entertainment

- Lou Englefield, Director of Pride Sports


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