Informed Consent - The Surveillance Economy

With an increasingly fragmented media landscape, what does the future hold for data privacy, transparency, and regulation?

The phrases "Creator Economy" and "Experience Economy" have often been used to describe modern consumer behaviour and how brands drive growth in the 21st Century. However, the infrastructure powering each of these 'economies' and most influencing human behaviour (without us knowing) is data. So, in truth are we in "The Surveillance Economy" and as our media landscape continues to become more fragmented, should we give more consideration to consumer data literacy and review our contract with them?

Joining Ete in this episode are: Ossie Bayram Country Director Ogury, Advertising Associations Director of policy Research Konrad Shek and Matt Potter Chief Content Officer Dentsu Creative and Author of We are all Targets.

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Host: Ete Davies

Editor: Nathan Copelin

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