Children's Wellbeing

In the recent inquest into the tragic death of Molly Russell, the coroner’s verdict was a world first in citing social media as a causal factor in a death, whereby he found that “Molly Rose Russell died from an act of self-harm whilst suffering from depression and the negative effects of online content.” Arguably one of the most emotive topics we’ll be covering in this series of Conscious Thinking, our panel discussed the implications of the Government delay to the new Children's Wellbeing Code, part of the Online Safety bill.


Our host Ete Davies is joined by some distinguished guests to discuss this substantial and significant topic:

  • Ollie Hayes – Policy & Campaigns Lead for Global Action Plan
  • Beth Kerr - Group Wellbeing Director at Cognita, the global schools group
  • Melanie Kentish – Managing Partner at Gleam (talent management & influencer marketing agency within the Dentsu Creative network)
  • Callum Hood, Head of Research at the Centre for Countering Digital Hate.

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Host: Ete Davies

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