Hate Speech & Discrimination

This month's policy briefing from António Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations, set out a common agenda and code of conduct on Information Integrity on Digital Platforms ahead of next year's Summit of the Future.


In this episode of Conscious Thinking, our panel discusses the responsibility of the advertising industry to improve the protection of migrants and refugees from hate speech and discrimination.  

Global conflict, climate change and economic hardship has resulted in higher migration and more displaced people than modern times has ever experienced.

How can the ecosystem of advertising work harder to protect the societies in which it operates?

With shifting responsibilities of the social media platforms is there a need for new regulation to enable businesses to more effectively regulate brand programmatic advertising?

Should we harness the momentum between public and private infrastructures to jointly tackle some of these issues?

Do we appoint dedicated agency brand safety ambassadors, to promote a less reactive and more joined up approach to hate speech, using their competence as storytellers?


This episode was recorded before the Migrant Boat disaster in Greece on the 18th June 2023

Our host Ete Davies, EMEA COO Dentsu Creative is joined by:

Pia Oberoi - Head of Migration & Human Rights, United Nations

Karen Middleton - Lecturer, Portsmouth University

Callum Hood - Head of Research, Centre for Countering Digital Hate (CDDH)

Matt Potter - Chief Content Officer, Dentsu


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Our thanks to Maple Street Studios and The Nerve.

Executive Producer: Jane White - Voluntary Events Director at CAN

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