A True Warrior - Vinland Saga #4 | with Berserker Expert Roderick Dale

In the latest episode of this brand new podcast, hosts Che Lingo (rapper, musician, anime lover) and Bec Hill (comedian, writer, anime-curious) continue on their epic odyssey discussing the highs, lows and hijinks of historical anime Vinland Saga. 

Che and Bec discuss what it means to be a true warrior and why this might be the most epic episode so far. Plus, they’re joined by the leading scholar on Viking Berserkers Roderick Dale, who had an advisory role on the English language translation of Makoto Yukimura’s Vinland Saga manga and busts some myths about this most fearsome form of Viking. Did they really fight naked? Did they do mushrooms before battle? And how did they get their reputation for being so maverick? 

And stay tuned while Che reveals his biggest fears, Bec learns what the “boonies” means and gives maybe her best episode recap ever. 

Thors and his men fall for Askeladd’s trap and faces a dangerous situation, but Thors defeats many of Askeladd’s men with his overpowering strength. However, Thors knows that it will be difficult to save everyone, including his son, who’ve been living in a peaceful village their entire lives, and makes a tough decision.

Vinland Saga season one is now streaming on Prime Video. 


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