The Land On the Far Bank - Vinland Saga #12 | with Alexander Ludwig

In the final episode of the Anime to Z podcast Season One, hosts Che Lingo (rapper, musician, anime lover) and Bec Hill (comedian, writer, anime-curious) continue on their epic odyssey discussing the highs, lows and hijinks of historical anime Vinland Saga. 

Bec tries to top her all-time best episode recap and Che muses on what makes Thorfinn such an interesting character, and they’re surprised by a special Viking-themed treat at the end of the episode. 

Plus they are joined by actor Alexander Ludwig, who played Bjorn in the TV show Vikings, who reveals his favourite memories from Viking life, what being a true warrior means to him and how he took on that bear…

Askeladd and his men continue their march to escape from Thorkell. However, their march comes to a halt at the Severn River. Askeladd hands a letter to an old man operating a ferry across the river and tells him to deliver the letter to the other side immediately. As soon as he hears the addressee’s name, the old man sets off in his boat.

Vinland Saga season one is now streaming on Prime Video. 


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