Ragnarok - Vinland Saga #10 | with Totally Not Mark

In the latest episode of the Anime to Z podcast, hosts Che Lingo (rapper, musician, anime lover) and Bec Hill (comedian, writer, anime-curious) continue on their epic odyssey discussing the highs, lows and hijinks of historical anime Vinland Saga. 

Get ready to Ragnarok and roll as Che and Bec dive into Episode 10 of Vinland Saga. There’s discussion of the Romans, Saxons and Vikings, as well as which historical periods Che and Bec would like to see covered in anime and you can expect digressions on dreams, sandwiches and mortality. 

Plus they are joined by YouTuber and anime fan Totally Not Mark, who breaks down what he enjoys about the medium and why his anticipation for Vinland Saga was off the charts having recently watched Attack on Titan. 

Askeladd’s army separates from the army of Denmark and attacks a village 100 km to the west. Thorfinn leaves the soldiers behind in disgust and climbs up a hill overlooking the village, where he pledges revenge for his father. However, he encounters Askeladd sitting in the darkness, who tells him about "Britannia", the aging of the world, and Ragnarok, the final battle.

Vinland Saga season one is now streaming on Prime Video. 


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