The Troll's Son - Vinland Saga #5 | with Geestargames

In the latest episode of this brand new podcast, hosts Che Lingo (rapper, musician, anime lover) and Bec Hill (comedian, writer, anime-curious) continue on their epic odyssey discussing the highs, lows and hijinks of historical anime Vinland Saga. 

Che recalls his time as a Cub Scout and Bec celebrates her prophetic montage powers. Plus they enjoy a game of ‘Norse or False’, speculating on which words originated from Norse language. 

And they are joined by Twitch streamer and anime fan Geestargames who chats about the anime-inspired games she enjoys playing and why Vinland Saga is one of her Top Ten favourite anime. 

After Askeladd kills Thorfinn’s father Thors, Thorfinn hides inside Thor’s ship and bides his time until the opportunity to take revenge. However, life on the ship is harsh without any food or water, and Thorfinn grows weaker day by day. One day, Thorfinn, armed with his sword, attempts to attack Askeladd in his sleep...

Vinland Saga season one is now streaming on Prime Video. 


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Artwork by Matthew Wallace

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