5. Announcing Health Studies: Be part of the change

It's five years since Fabian was diagnosed with leukaemia, blood cancer. A diagnosis which led him and his best friend Sebastian to create the War On Cancer app - a global social network for everyone affected by cancer. Now, 5 years since diagnosis, Fabian, Sebastian and the War On Cancer team are very excited to announce that a new feature in the War On Cancer app will soon be released - Health Studies. The feature will enable us, members on the app, to voice our opinions and be part of the change. How? Listen in on episode 5 where we meet Dr Lisen Arnheim Dahlström, Head of Health Studies and Real World Evidence at War On Cancer, as she explains how anyone affected by cancer soon will be able to help improve the future of cancer research and cancer care. In the episode we will as well learn more about Patient (Self) Reported Data, Patient Centric Care, Clinical Trials and Cancer Research. 

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