8. What to eat during and after cancer treatment?

In episode 2, of War On Cancer podcast season 2, Dr David Heber, MD, PhD, FACP, FASN, Professor Emeritus of Medicine and Public Health and Founding Director of UCLA Centre for Human Nutrition - a wise man has many titles - guides War On Cancer app co-founders Fabian and Sebastian on the topic of diet and nutrition during and after cancer treatment. Dr Heber has published over 250 peer reviewed articles and written 4 books on the topic of diet and nutrition and is definitely the right person to help us debunk some much needed food myths!

What’s the difference between diet and nutrition? What is precision nutrition? How should we eat during and after cancer treatment? How to avoid developing orthorexia and what about Ketogenic diets when going through cancer? Listen in on a conversation that will leave you well-equipped to tackle diet and nutrition during the cancer experience. Read more on waroncancer.com and download the War On Cancer app to join the conversation. 

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