7. Coping with cancer and fighting masculinity norms

The War On Cancer podcast, hosted by War On Cancer app Co-founders, Fabian Bolin and Sebastian Hermelin, is back with its second season. In the first episode, we meet Dr Martin Inderbitzen and cover what it's like coping with cancer and fighting masculinity norms. Fabian, Sebastian and Martin address why it's usually harder for men to speak and openly talk about their cancer diagnosis and why we need to challenge dated masculinity norms that harm our mental health.

Dr Martin Inderbitzen studied Neurobiology at the ETH Zürich and did his PhD in Neuroscience at the University Pompeu Fabra on the topic of stress, emotions, and mindset. He also studied film production at Blake College London and worked as a digital content creator for several years. In 2012, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Based on this personal experience, he founded My Survival Story, a digital storytelling initiative to support patients and relatives to cope better with their disease. He is a TEDx speaker and gives keynotes and workshops around the world on the topic of mindset and stress coping. Read more on waroncancer.com

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