11. Tik Toker & AYA Olivia Bunya: when life starts with cancer

In episode 5 of War On Cancer podcast season 2, 20-year-old Olivia Bunya, living in Colorado, meets with War On Cancer co-founders Sebastian Hermelin and Fabian Bolin to talk about what it is like when life starts with cancer. Olivia Bunya, the creator behind one of the largest Tik Tok accounts (@oliviabunyaaaa) talking about life during and after cancer, is a youth cancer patient, diagnosed with cancer in 2019. Listen in on an honest conversation uncovering the financial distress of going through cancer, what cancer can teach us and how to cope with cancer as an AYA (adolescent and young adult cancer patient) Today, a year after cancer, Olivia plans on going to school this coming semester in hopes to eventually becoming a graphic designer and is excited to live her best life! Connect with Olivia in the War On Cancer app (@Oliviabunya)

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