Living Abroad with Anna Ratala

Think about your late teens and early twenties. What did your life look like? Well, this episode’s guest, Anna Ratala, was interning in Brussels and then running for elected office in her hometown. Anna knew from a young age that she had been born with an entrepreneurial spirit. She also knew, having grown up in small-town Finland, that she wanted to experience a world outside, and completely different to, what she’d always known. It’s these two things that brought Anna around the world - first to Brussels, then Singapore, and finally to her current hometown, New York City. 

In this episode, she talks to me about her earliest travel experience, her first venture into the entrepreneur world, and why she’s never looked back. Join us as we discuss cool bosses, election slogans, New York City rats, and so much more!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • About Anna’s childhood growing up in Finland (0:37)
  • How Anna ended up in Brussels at such a young age (11:16)
  • About Anna’s experience running for elected office in her hometown (13:00)
  • What brought Anna to South East Asia and how she ended up making it her home for eight years (17:14)
  • How Anna “started-up” in the start-up world (19:02)
  • What Anna thinks the key to being a successful entrepreneur is (23:51)
  • About Anna’s first experience of NYC and why she said it felt like home (24:47)

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