Fantastic life-changing experiences and where to find them with Karen Gamba

So often, we long for an escape. We find ourselves in a place that we always aspired to be, yet, we feel as if something is missing. If we are lucky, we may find ourselves in a different location and be overwhelmed by a realization or inspiration that might lead to a fundamental change in our mindset or our lives. But regardless of where you go to search for the solution, you will always find it in one location - within yourself. We just need to believe in our capabilities, reflect on our past achievements, take action, and hope that we will have the perfect cheerleaders to support us along our journey.


On this episode of The Ginni Show, I speak with Karen Gamba, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of ExV Agency. She’s a philanthropist, traveler, Sci-fi fanatic, and overall girl power guru. Karen is an eternal ex-pat and travel fanatic, and she is here to share some of the life-changing awakenings she experienced in different locations around the globe. 


What You Will Learn:

  • The experience that changed Karen’s life trajectory (02:23)
  • Karen’s first step she took to act on her realization. (08:17)
  • The power of looking inward to move forward. (10:38)
  • How failures and rejection are just course corrections to help us get back on track. (13:02)
  • How Karen’s mother reminded her to be grateful for everything that makes this life so beautiful. (17:30)
  • If you sign up to do something, go all the way. You never know how close you are to the next breakthrough. (21:08)


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