Facing Adversity with Alex Molden

Adversity comes in many shapes and sizes. It’s something we all experience and deal with differently. Some face it head-on, others do so more tentatively. Whatever it is, and however you handle it, there’s always a lesson in the things we go through. Sometimes the lesson is easy to understand and other times it takes some serious soul searching. But once we figure it out, it makes everything we went through worth it.

Alex Molden, former NFL player turned leadership and personal development coach, processes adversity by finding an advantage. He believes that our life experiences teach us how to be resilient and grow as individuals. On this episode of the Ginni Show, Alex shares some of the adversity he experienced as a young football player and how he leveraged it to learn about himself and ultimately become a better person. Listen in as he breaks down what it means to be intentional, know your character, and be cognizant of your environment.      

In this episode, you will learn:

  • About Alex’s life-changing experience at a bowl game at just 19 years old (2:25)
  • What it felt like for Alex to score a touchdown at the time (4:55)
  • Why Alex came back a better athlete after his adversity (7:08)
  • How Alex trained when physically unable to be on the football field (9:14)
  • How Alex practices being the person he wants to be (11:40)
  • About Alex’s transformational moment after he retired from the NFL (15:47)
  • Alex’s take on the Will Smith and Chris Rock Oscars ‘incident’ (18:12)
  • What an incident with his abusive step-dad showed Alex about his character (19:54)
  • What Alex believes to be the most powerful and unstable influencer (21:31)

Some questions I ask:

  • How did you manage to change your perception of seeing this low point in your life as an opportunity? (6:58)
  • What was that like, the transitioning from one city to another? (12:47)
  • As an influencer, with many people looking up to you, would you say that there are certain things that other people value that you don't? (22:18)

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