Coloring Outside the Linear with Rasheeda Gray

In this episode of The Ginni Show, I talk with designer Rasheeda Gray about her personal journey to finding a career with purpose. Today, she’s going strong as the Founder and Lead Designer of Gray Space Interiors. But, it took her 25 years to realize that this was what she wanted to spend the rest of her life doing. 

Today, you’ll hear what took her so long to figure it out. She shares her ultra-relatable desire to please others before taking a chance on her own dreams, and what it feels like to carry that responsibility on your shoulders. She also talks about the importance of exposure to the arts for young people, and how a single assignment when she was in the fourth grade helped her recognize her need for creativity. She’s also got some advice to share about overcoming fear for other creatives who are looking to break out and try something on their own. 

What You Will Learn:

  • Understanding the duality of a bonafide Gemini (2:14)
  • The chance encounter that connected her to her eventual career path (4:48)
  • How she’s paying it forward to young people of color (7:56)
  • When her creative past caught up with her future career (11:18)
  • Why she waited 25 years to follow her purpose (12:25)
  • Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs (19:16)

Resources from this episode:

The Personality of a Gemini, Explained | Allure

Not Your Parents’ Career—Or Is It? Parents Exert Significant Influence On Kids’ Career Choices | Forbes

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