A New BeGinning: Arriving May 30th

The Ginni Show, hosted by Ginni Saraswati transports you all over the world with inspiring travel tales from some of the world’s most interesting movers and shakers. Each episode seeks to ignite the curious spirit through the power of story and will explore how guests’ lives were changed through travel, connection, and losing oneself at the farthest corners of the world.

The multi-award nominated podcast gives you a front row seat to hear stories from movers and shakers about how their lives were changed through travel, human connection, and adventure

The show launches today, May 19th as it’s the birthday of the host’s mother. After losing her in 2021, Saraswati talks fondly of how much her mother was a big part of the first three seasons and a huge part of why she landed in podcasting. “Her stories, what she taught me, and how she raised me is in the very fabric of The Ginni Show.” Says Ginni. “Losing her was heartbreaking so being able to launch this season on her birthday helps me feel like she is a part of it.”

Each episode will be releasing every Monday at 6am EST.

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Audio Producer: Ashley Tough

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