The Conversation Series with Lloyds Banking Group

Our all-new podcast series sees us take your questions to the biggest lenders on our panel. We focus on the trending topics for the intermediary market, bringing you right up to date with the latest views from our lender partners.

In this instalment Sesame's Managing Director Richard Howells, joins Ross Liston, Managing Director at Bankhall & PMS, to interview Esther Dijkstra, Lloyds Banking Group's Managing Director Of Intermediaries.

Esther provides us with an insight into how Lloyds Banking Group has fared over lockdown and the subsequent recovery of the market. She explores consumer attitudes and discusses different types of house buyers.

We then move on to discuss criteria as an opportunity to stem the flow and explore the healthy competition within the mortgage market. Esther closes the interview by outlining her view that advisers are vital for good customer outcomes going forwards even more so when you consider the complexity of finances over the last year or so and the ever-expanding types of housing.  

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