Ep 13: Marlene Leslie

I am delighted to be joined by the renowned hospitality expert & executive coach Marlene Leslie, a woman who is living proof of the power of reinvention and resilience.

During the show we explore the evolution of her career through the industry - from waiting tables in Texas as a young girl, to landing her first Restaurant Manager job in NYC aged only 23, going on to work with Chef Morimoto, then moving into hotels, joining The Standard group initially as Director of Operations then taking on responsibility for all their F&B, before finding her true passion, coaching others to be their best.

In this episode she shares with us what she has learned along the way - the importance of people, teams and a strong culture to build a successful brand and following, how to stand up for yourself, especially as a woman in a macho industry, the impact #metoo had on giving women a voice, and why having a clear vision of who we want to be and what matters to us, both professionally and personally, is critical to help us navigate through uncertain times.  

She’s full of insights and wisdom and is certainly more than resilient herself, having caught and fought covid last year, been responsible for having to lay off 100 people, all whilst handling being a new mother, she’s had it tough at times but remains optimistic about the future.   

Hope you enjoy the positive energy and advice she has to give.

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