The Foodie Magician - Josh Beckerman

The first time I met Josh he told me he makes food disappear. He then proceeded to eat an entire foot long lamb chop in my restaurant in under one minute right in front of my eyes.

Josh Beckerman AKA the Foodie Magician is a professional entertainer and a consumer of every great restaurant in New York.

He intertwines magic, mentalism and comedy around the world.

This guy is no wall flower, he’s funny, entertaining and makes most rooms fall in love with him within a few minutes. That’s his real magic.

The New York times stated, go out often enough and the food magician will materialize at the edge of your table.

He has done tonnes of TV shows, the today show, late night with Seth Meyers and the of course cooking channel.

For a healthy dose of magic and food updates in real time you really have to follow him on social media.

I get most of my latest food updates from his IG stories.

A true entrepreneur that has squared away a unique career and craft for himself in a true compelling strategy and role that no

one can compete with or probably eat more in in day than him.

He is the Food Magician

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