EP 14: Liam Tomlin - Chef and Restauranteur

Today I am joined by the esteemed chef and hospitality entrepreneur Liam Tomlin, who made his name as a renowned chef working in Australia before settling in South Africa where he has built a solid and ever growing business enterprise that involves 8 restaurants and a food market, whilst also consulting to the Singita group.  

During the show we talk about his rise to stardom, his thoughts on the industry and how tough it can be at times on mental health.  How he has changed his approach over the years and rather than being all about fame and fortune, he now derives satisfaction not from the accolades he receives but from giving back to the community, through the dining establishments he has built up and the social impact projects he is involved in.

We talk about sustainability, local sourcing, feeding those in need, why employing passionate people is critical, the importance of fostering teamwork and giving employees ownership and his latest initiative, launching an internship program enabling those that may otherwise have not had the chance, the opportunity to break into the hospitality industry and master their craft.

He’s a real inspiration to listen to, full of respect for those he works with and has lots of ideas on how to take challenges head on in order to establish future proof entities, from concept design to bring an idea to life. We hope you enjoy his wisdom and advice.

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