EP 15: Nic Wood & Joel Valvasori

On today’s episode I talk to not just one but two acclaimed Australian Chefs, Joel Valvasori-Pereza, chef & owner of Lulu La Delizia.  And Nic wood, executive chef from Santini at QT Hotel, both based in Perth, Western Australia.

During the show we explore why they both chose to specialize in Italian cuisine, albeit with very different approaches, and their paths to get to where they are now.

We discuss their shared passion for all things Italian, their belief in simplicity and delivering perfection in every dish they produce, how they had to learn to adapt dishes based on ingredients available, the highs and lows of being based in an idyllic yet quite isolated part of the world, what impact the recent Covid crisis had on their operations, what life is like now they’re on the other side and their ambitions for the future.

It’s an honest, open, down to earth chat with two brilliant guys, who can rightly claim to be responsible for some of the best Italian food not only in Australia, but I dare say the world.,  and that’s coming from someone with Italian heritage.

So pour yourself a negroni and enjoy. Ciao

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