Venus Libido

For our Season 2 finale (time flies when you’re having fun, right !?) We are joined by renowned illustrator, sex inclusivity activist, and Private Parts presenter, Venus Libido. We mouth off with her about how, from her darkest moments, she discovered her passion for illustration, and how she’s championing conversations around sexual inclusivity. We also show Venus some of the sex toys we’re really diggin’ ATM to see what she thinks— this one is good vibes all round.

Our girl, Venus is challenging stereotypes in the way we think about ourselves, and sex, on so many levels and WE. ARE. HERE. FOR. IT. We get the low-down about her chat show, Private Parts, where she discusses with guests everything from sex as a trans person, period sex, to using sex toys, and why there is such importance in having these conversations in order to challenge old school attitudes (yes, yes, yes). Venus also shares her response to how she deals with negative criticism, her openness with her family about sex, and as is tradition, she takes on our Mouth Off quick round in true style. This one really is all for your pleasure, babe.

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