Simone Powderly

TRIGGER WARNING: this episode contains references and discussions based on Simone’s experiences of sexual assault.


This week on Mouth Off Radio, we talk to co-founder of The Teen Experience and major model who’s smile really does light up the whole room (trust us, we’ve seen it first hand), Simone Powderly.


Through her experiences unravelling her own trauma, Simone co-founded The Teen Experience; a series of workshops designed to help teenage girls really show up for themselves, find out what self-care means to them, and steer away from social media, so they’re truly present in the room. As we dive into her journey through the world of modelling, we also chat to Simone about how her career as model gave her a sense of freedom and new ownership of her body, a great personal success for her after experiences of sexual assault. Talkin’ hair goals, growing up in London, and much more—grab your coffee and settle in, babe, you’re gonna wanna catch this one.

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