Oenone Forbat

This week on Mouth Off radio; we sit down with Oenone Forbat, fitness and health enthusiast, server of serious looks, and host of the Adulting podcast, to talk drugs, Feminism, and the best way to handle shitty exes.

Taking the world by storm— Oenone Forbat, writer, speaker, and health and fitness enthusiast, is using her platform to challenge, support, and promote key issues, particularly in the world of women, all rather hilariously, and lookin’ god damn killer at the same time. So we snag the chance to mouth off with her about anything and everything we think of (!!) And the result? A hysterical episode you really won’t wanna miss out on.

As always, you can find us over on our socials @nastygal and on nastygal.com.

Nasty Gal, XOXO

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